MIR/FIR Emitter

MIR/FIR emitter:

 Near-ideal and highly energy efficient MIR/FIR emitter elements (1 -25 µm)

 Our distributed emitter allow ease of optical design in large-area applications

 Amenable to integration to flexible devices


Applications for MIR/FIR-based therapies (2-25µm):

- therapeutic effects for healthcare applications:

 Induce thermal homeostasis

 Enhance blood circulation and metabolism

 Activate fibroblasts, increase collagen synthesis and expression of TGF-beta1 (wound healing)

 Antimicrobial property

 Muscle soreness relieve/acc. recovery for athletes.

 Joint effusion reduction and inflammatory relieve


- therapeutic effects for clinical applications:

 Cardiac/pulmonary function improvement

 Antitumor action (Breast/Lung)

 Neural stimulation/repair

 Contactless warming in MRI