Large Hotplate

Product Features:

NanoHeat® Laboratory Ex-Hotplate (HTL-300EX/HTL-400EX/HTL-500EX)

 Different operation modes fit most of experiments.

 High accuracy temperature control in+/-1°c*

 Warming setting in 1°c interval.

 Temperature indications with an accuracy of 0.1°c*

 Split design: heating plate and control system, smart control system to control sectional.

 Multiple heating and warming options for general uses

 NanoHeat ®driven: ultra fast heating technology allows heats jump to 5°c in within a second.

 Free magnetic interference and hazard: makes it perfect for medical and laboratory uses.

 Energy saving: standby mode power in less than 1W.

 Fits most of utensils: Non-induction heating technology fits glass, ceramic and metal utensils.

 Easy to use: Control key panel, LED display, timer count down, safely lock and high temperature warning indication.

 Chic and stylish design: slim, light weight and portable

 Easy to clean: Non-corrosive glass ceramic surface

 7-inch 800x480 TFT Touch Panel Control Panel with user friendly interface.

 RS-232, RS485, LAN 10/100M interface.

 150MB Data Logger and export data by USB port.

 Optional remote controlled by Smartphone App to control and collect the data through internet connection.

*if operates with an external probe (provided)