You can enjoy the unique benefits and design of our end-products powered by our innovative technology - NanoHeat . You are also welcome to work with us for
Technological Cooperation and IP licensing of the award-winning technology, NanoHeat, in enhancing your product performance and new product developments.

What are the benefits of being our partner ?

You may enjoy the technological achievement of NanoHeat including:
Fast Heating & High Efficiency
  V Capable of reaching 5XC per second and over 99% energy efficiency
High Power Density
  V Capable of generating 5000 W power output per 10 x 10 cm2
D.C. Power & Renewable Energy Applications
  V Capable of reaching at least 200XC at 24V D.C.
Free of Magnetic Interference
  V Wide variety of applications in medical devices
No Limitation on Utensils
  V Metal, glass & ceramic utensils applicable
Versatility in Designs & Applications
  V High performance, slim, compact, and modern
If you have any idea or any potential applications with our NanoHeat heating technology, please feel free to contact us by filling in the online enquiry form or email us at