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NanoHeat Aroma Diffuser (HPP-910)

Experience the healing benefits of aromatherapy with an innovative temperature controlled gentle diffusing technology from AME
Elegant and compact design with rechargeable lithium battery for aromatherapy relaxation everywhere
Fast heat-up for long-lasting aroma with 2-level of gentle heat
The most convenient and effective way of dispersing essential oil without water pouring
Assemble in Hong Kong with home-grown award-winning technology
Product Specifications
Temperature:  Around 55℃ and 65℃
Rated power: 3-7 W
Electrical rating: 9V DC
Dimensions: 100mm (diameter) x 22mm (height)
Net weight:   200g
Remarks:  Operate by battery or power adaptor

Power adaptor
Reusable diffusing paper (50 pieces)
Rechargeable lithium battery (optional)