AME develops a Novel Heating Technology for high performance and energy saving heating, and is applicable to a.c. or d.c. power sources.

This invention is capable of providing fast & efficient heating, capable of reaching     5¢XC per second, with low power loss and can be used as heating elements in cooktops, hot plates and heaters to perform reliable heating function for prolonged periods.
The device outperforms conventional induction heating with no magnetic interference and no restriction on utensils used.
The technology can perform practical heating or warming function with d.c. power supply, which is unlikely to be achieved by other existing heating technologies, providing a technological platform for renewable energy applications.
The products are of low energy consumption, low manufacture costs and low maintenance costs. It is designed to be light, compact & slim size and versatile to product design and all forms of heating.
NanoHeat Heating Technologies - Technological Achievement
NanoHeat Heating Technologies Application
NanoHeat Hot Water Heater
D.C. Powered Heating
Medical Applications: MRI Test