NanoHeat Heating Technologies - Technological Achievement
NanoHeat Heating Technologies Application
NanoHeat Hot Water Heater
D.C. Powered Heating
Medical Applications: MRI Test
ĦE A plastic bottle filled with water is placed above a NanoHeat heating element.
ĦE A phantom was also placed under the heating element so as to locate the position of the heating element on the scan images to be taken.
ĦE MRI uses a powerful magnetic field to align the nuclear magnetization of hydrogen atoms in water (in human body).
ĦE Figure shows four scan images taken at high field (3T, T: tesla) at different resonance frequencies.
ĦE No sign of interference or artifact in the image is evident. The dark spots in the images of the water bottle are formed by reflections by some air trapped inside the bottle, which is not fully filled at the first place.