Your company is welcome to work with us for Technological Cooperation and IP licensing of our award-winning technology, NanoHeat®, in enhancing your product performance and new product developments.

Our partners can enjoy the unique benefits in:

  • Design and development of innovative products & devices powered by our patented high- performance technology - NanoHeat®, and


  • Supported by our professional Engineering Team with strong track record on Technology Commercialisation & Innovative Product Development for top international companies


What are the benefits of being our partner?

You may enjoy the technological achievement of NanoHeat® including:

Fast Heating & High Efficiency
- Capable of reaching 5°C per second and over 99% energy efficiency

High Power Density
- Capable of generating 5000 W power output per 10 x 10 cm2

D.C. Power & Renewable Energy Applications
- Capable of reaching at least 200°C at 24V D.C.

No Limitation on Utensils
- Metal, glass & ceramic utensils applicable

Versatility in Designs & Applications
- High performance, slim, compact, and modern

if you have any idea or any potential applications with our NanoHeat® heating technology, please feel free to contact us by filling in the online enquiry form or email us at